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 1) Pictures & Information (click on picture to enlarge)

 1) Pictures & Pricing

 1) Pictures & Information (click on picture to enlarge)

Above pictures of Moca

Mother of our current litter that is available

Above pictures of Biggie

Father of our current litter that is available

Our new litter

5 Week Old - Gorgeous Bengal Kittens

SHANE - 1.jpg
SHANE - 2.jpg
SHANE - 3.jpg

Table was a bit slippery for kittens

Pictured below is 'Biggie' our prize King and Stud 'father' to our latest litter (April 5, 2023)

He is BIG! and the most gentle and loving of all our cats and just stunningly beautiful. At just 1 year old he is still growing. Temperament is a leading character trait that comes from the Stud. You could not do better!

He just won his Championship status as a Male Stud Bengal! 


This is a sample of a pedigree certificate (for "Nardoo Biggie" pictured above).


You will receive a siimilar certificate for your kitten when you pick them up.

Your kitten will be neutered & Microchiped (we update your microchip contact information with Australian "Central Animal Records" to identify your Bengal should they ever become lost. 


- Pictured below are a few of our recent litters -

great pic.jpg

2) Pricing / Purchase Information

We are located in Diggers Rest VIC - 30 minutes from the CBD (Central Business District) of Melbourne, 20 minutes from Tullamarine Airport (Melbourne's major international airport).


See the 'Contact Us' page to contact us for pricing and to answer any questions you might have.

When delivered, your kitten will have been Vaccinated, Wormed,  Socialized in our home as part of our active family, Neutered/Spayed, used to cats and dogs, and Litter/Scratching Post Trained.

 When you come to pick up your kitten, please bring a cat carrier with a blanket.  At that time, you'll receive a veterinarian history booklet, a breeding/registration certificate with ANCATS, and a Goody Bag with what will help you make a great start. All cats come with a one-year disease-free guarantee.


We welcome and actually encourage any calls/emails (see 'Caring for your Bengal' selection on the main menu) for ongoing advice about making the homing of your kitten a very successful experience and happy one.

Your kitten comes with 6 weeks of health insurance from PetCover included - Which you can easily contact them and extend the coverage if you wish

2)The Purchasing Experience

3) Interstate Buyers (we are in Victoria)

We can arrange Interstate shipment anywhere in Australia for a flat fee of $100.

For more information, go to 'Contact Us' from the Home Page and let us know where we will be shipping your kitten to.

3) Interstate Buyers (we are in Victoria)

4) Purchasing Agreement
(Signed when you pick up your Kitten)

PAGE 1 (1).jpg
4) Purchasing Agreement

5)Follow Up

In the process of raising your Bengal kitten in your home to fully grown, you can run into a need for someone experienced to mentor you / be there to answer any questions or helpful suggestions. We will always be just a phone call or email away and will look forward to helping you -

                             From  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - To                         

Phone: +61473246993


5)Follow Up

6) Getting Ready For Your Kitten

It's recommended that you review the information on this site and any other

research you feel you might

need on the web to get ready for your kitten.

As previously mentioned, in the process of raising your Bengal kitten if you

run into anything you think it best to contact us about

for advice or help, feel free to go to our contact page

for our email address and phone number or just send us a message.



It's recommend

Some things you will need -

Cat Carrier & blanket

Cat Food

Litter & Litter Box

Scratching Post/Pad

Cat Toys

Cat Tree
Ask around & find a vet in your area you like

'Cat Proof' your home - All 'dangerous to your cat' access eliminated

Secure access to outside exit/entries  

Initially place breakables out of reach of your cat

Separate space for a gradual introduction to other pets (see the section on 'Caring for your Bengal')

Cozy Bed

Place in the sun available to your kitten/cat & window/s to look out of

Water & Food Bowls (See: Caring For Your Bengal Section - Selection 1)

Collar  with Name /Contact Information Tag

Time to spend with your new family member/new best friend

(You could get a wireless smart camera to see what is going on with your kitten when away from home)

There are CAT CARRIERS out there taken to a new level - Just look on line

Here is one from CraveStore Australia - What FUN!

Below are the two types of litter we mix together 50/50 for our cats & kittens.  The Breeders Choice you can get from and is just a good solid litter. Especially when supported by the Cat Mate that is sawdust and can  be purchased from any feed store. The cat mate is basically sawdust that breaks down and absorbs any wetness - Long story short the two work together to reduce order and promote cleanliness and longer life of your litter.  Both are inexpensive.

LITTER 2.jpg
LITTER 1.jpg

You'll receive a kitten litter box with your 'Goody Bag' when you pick up your kitten.  But - long term - the litter box  above works very well as it is lower on one end for easy entry/exit and the whole thing keeps the litter in the litter box, is hard plastic that lasts and lasts and is easy to separate the top from the bottom and clean.  If you do a search on google for 'Cat Litter Box' and click on 'shopping' it should show up - or at least something similar. 

6) Getting Ready For Your Kitten

7) What Goes Into a Kittens Price

When breeding we work to improve on the existing features of our female Bengals &  to support the exceptional features they already have. An important note is that one of these features is TEMPERAMENT (Fater (STUD) is the major influence here. This adds tremendous value to the quality of our Bengal kittens.

Kittens are priced based on their quality and for desired traits in comparison to the Breed Standard, regardless of whether the new pet owner decides to show the cat or not.

Kittens are allowed to roam freely in our home. A great deal of time and effort is spent to ensure they are fully socialized with people, other cats, and even dogs (our dog Jack - a Jack Russel Terrier). It takes a LOT of time of loving care and attention to properly socialize a kitten and produce a well-adjusted, loving, confident & trusting kitten. They are NOT kept in cages. They are free to roam our entire home and an integral part of our family life. 


This is a Listing of costs:

Breeding, birthing, care & rearing of kittens

Bringing in outside bloodlines to improve breeding

Feeding and caring for our Queens, Kings year round

Testing of BOTH parents for 2 major Bengal genetic diseases (PRA-b & PKDef)

Cost & maintenance of finest breeding Bengals (both King & Queen)

Documentation of Pure Bred ANCats registration certificate & complete breeding history (4 Generations)

2 Year Guarantee against Genetic Disease

Follow up support

Food & Litter costs

Goody Bag

Care for Kittens

Food, maintenance, care, vet bills - for parents....

Showing Cats (to ensure the standard is being set)

Kittens are raised to free roam in our home (NOT in cages/a kennel)

After-sales service (questions, advice, etc.) - Phone or Email

A great deal of time! to socialize kittens with our family (an active household), people, cats & dogs

Trained to use scratching post/pad and NOT your furniture / Litter Trained

Veterinarian: Health visits, Micro-chip, Vaccinations, Spay/Neuter, Worming

Design & maintenance of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  WebPage / Marketing Phone Support time & Costs  


9) Male or Female Bengal?  

Males will be slightly larger than females and a bit more muscular. That said, with our bloodlines and breeding, females are quite big, strong & extremely athletic. Pictured to the right is our female (Luna) when she was ONLY 9 MONTHS OLD!!!!!


All Bengals - Male or Female - are intelligent, athletic, high energy, outgoing, confident, affectionate/loving regardless of gender.

8) KEY: How Your Kitten Was Raised

The formative first 12 weeks are a critical period in your

kitten's development, likened maybe to a person getting

through their teens. Bengals are Social, Affectionate,

Active & Playful. These character traits need to be allowed

to flourish with love, and socialization with people who play a lot with them and love them, other cats & dogs.


We do not keep our cats & kittens in cages/a kennel They live in our home and have lots of interaction with our family as well

as other cats & our dog Jack (a Jack Russel Terrier).

They have lots of toys and things to stimulate them and

match their activity level so as to keep them very happy.  They are taught good manners - For instance to play with their toys and not electrical wires, glassware, etc. (this is a VERY big deal!) Mischievous & un-social kittens - cats are neglected cats.


We take great care also that they are litter trained and trained to use a scratching post/pad instead of your furniture.


(ALL of these are REALLY important things of tremendous value to you - Only available with Luminous Bengals). 


Kittens are ready to go to their new home with the 'Luminous Bengal Difference'. They are raised in our home and super loved/played with to where they're totally ready to be the best Bengal pet imaginable for you and your family. They are not caged/kept in a kennel/ignored.  Above right is a picture of a bunch of kittens just crowding for a spot on my lap as I work late at night. This is my hobby and I am otherwise retired and have time to devote much of my time to raising our kittens properly. My son is my partner and a cat lover too and feels the same way about our kittens. 

7) What Goes Into a Kittens Price
8) KEY: How Your Kitten Was Raised
9) Male or Female Bengal?  

10) Can 2 Bengals be better than 1?

In our very first litter, I learned something. We had 7 kittens
running around the house, playing with each other. Just a joy to
watch. And when they are not playing expending their boundless energy, as I watched TV or was working on my computer, I'd often look down and there were 1, 2, 3, or as many as could fit, sleeping it off in my lap. Just the best pet (really friends) ever.


Talk about FUN! Anyway, if you have 2 Bengals they play, entertain you and exercise each other with their boundless athleticism, spirit of play, and energy. And it is fun to watch too. Really no more trouble than having 1 Bengal and actually less because they help keep each other busy. Helps keep them exercised and happy while you're away. And as Bengals tend to bond with 1 person (they still love everyone in your family), if there are 2 in your household, it can be pretty cool.

For the reasons stated above -  2 Bengals can be a great idea.

With us, you receive a 10% discount when you buy 2nd Bengal. 

11) Socialisation of your kittens

I am retired and live with my son who works from home and is
co-operator/owner of our small cattery. We love and spend a lot of time with the kittens, so as a result they are used to and love being with people. They also get used to being with the other cats we have in our house and being with a dog (our Jack Russel Terrier named – 'Jack').


They are not separated from the family in cages and are an integral part of our family, free to roam our entire house, while also getting used to the activity of a busy household. They're totally litter trained, used to only using scratching posts & pads and never furniture or chewing (a very BIG deal if they aren't!) and come to your home having already been taught what to play with (their toys) and what not to play with (electrical wires, dishes, etc.). All of this is a very important and BIG deal!


12) Genetic Testing

To ensure the long-term future health of your kitten we use genetic testing of their mother (Queen) & father (King) so we can  ensure that they are free of the 2 critical genetic diseases that
are most important for Bengals (see the section on '6)
Genetic Disease” under the 'About Bengals' section.

Your kitten has a 2 year Guarantee against developing either of these 2 genetic diseases.

Pictured to right in the forefront is Kimi a kitten from our latest litter.

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